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Ladies, have you ever walked into a piercing shop and immediately been greeted with surly, intimidating employees? Not a great experience for the already nervous. It doesn’t have to happen! At Pretty & Pierced, we’ve revolutionized how woman can have body modifications. Pretty & Pierced is a safe space, run by women, for women. We understand your concerns, and are happy to work with you to make sure you have the perfect experience, every time. Our team is filled with highly skilled individuals, from piercers to counter staff, that will ease you through your new piercing. We genuinely care about our clients, and we like to think it shows.

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APP Members

We're the best of the best

The Association of Professional Piercers is an organization dedicated to the highest standards for piercing. Each piercer, and the shop itself, passes all APP guidelines, which ensures the cleanest, safest piercings.


Beauty and brains

In addition to passing APP guidelines, each of our staff has certifications in blood borne pathogens, first aid, and anatomy. Our learning never stops, though, and we renew these yearly, keeping up to date.


We walk the walk

Our staff is not only knowledgable, but they have tons and tons of experience. Our piercers have decades under their belt, and have been involved in body modification for longer. We know what we’re talking about!

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What our customers have to say

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job. We like knowing we succeeded at making you, the customer, happy! Piercings can be scary, but when done right they really brighten your day. As a result, the entire experience is important, from walking in the door to leaving. Check our what our happy customers say about us!

“As you can imagine, I was nervous, but their professionalism and calm attitude helped put me at ease and made it a quick and pleasant experience. Thanks!”
-Amanda C.

“I have always gone to Sammy to get pierced. She is incredibly talented, and very nice. She also has a manner about her which makes me feel very relaxed and at ease for the experience. I love it here!”
-Stephanie A.

“I absolutely love the banter that goes on. There's nothing like stifling laughter while being pierced! These ladies are totally honest, which is exactly why I place my trust in them!”
-Gina C.

Need some basic information?

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Download Pretty & Pierced: A Girl’s Guide to Body Piercings from the App Store today! It will teach you what each piercing is, what the types of jewelry there are, how to care for your piercings, and more! Best of all, it is completely free. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain?