Ten Little Soldiers iPad App Ten Little Soldiers iPad App Ten Little Soldiers iPad App Ten Little Soldiers iPad App

Ten Little Soldiers

Animated iPad App
Art Director: Scott Laserow

This animated iPad app depicts a re-telling of the song Ten Little Soldiers, used in Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None. In the song, ten soldiers perish one by one in a series of lethal events, until eventually all of the party has perished. To contrast the gritty lyrics, the app features hand drawn illustrations of woodland animals stylized in a children's storybook fashion, and the lyrics were interpreted to depict events that could take place in this environment. This project was technically difficult because each moving piece was animated individually and painstakingly timed so as to appear as if the ink drawings were moving on the page. The result could best be described as an adult children's story- a visually lighthearted piece with a macabre plot.

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Ten Little Soldiers

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